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“God Bless Your Heart. Thanks for Sharing.”

What Our 3,000+ Users Are Saying About Us

Thank you for offering these beautiful worship backgrounds for free to our churches. God bless! They will surely enhance our worship services.
– Nico Matthysen

God Bless Your heart. Thanks for sharing.
– johnjoseph1729

I really like this….big thanks! :D
– AniePay

I love this, now we can make wonderful footage using these beautiful backgrounds to introduce or to thank someone special in our church presentations.

This site is a God send. May The Lord continue to bless you all aways.
– Isoke42005

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  1. A blessing for the worship groups. Thanks a lot. Sharing is caring.

  2. thank you very much <3, your video help me a lots ^^

  3. Oh, thanks for posting these videos. This is a blessing for people in church who are poor and who can’t afford to pay someone to do these backgrounds.
    Thanks again!
    – From Costa Rica

  4. Used a countdown and a few different pics and everyone loved them…Thank you and God Bless…

  5. So thankful i found this site…lots of background and its free may the Lord Bless you more and give you more wisdom…Godbless thanks a lot!

  6. God bless the work of your hands people.

  7. while this subject can be very touchy for most people. very informatics blog. i have also a offer of more information.
    i do appreciate that you have added relevant and intelligent commentary here though. graduate school statement of purpose

  8. I’m for the first time using the free Worship backgrounds, so have no comment yet…..

  9. I am very Thankful to the creator of this worshipbackgroundsforfree.com for making you an instrument in improving the presentation of each leaders that uses Easyworship, powerpoint , etc. God Bless your work and commitment in making this site!!!! May you make more and more motion backgrounds!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Many Thanks and God bless you for this website! :-)
    – DJ Flubbel

  11. This site has enabled our media team to raise the level of our service presentation so much. Thank you for providing these great backgounds!

  12. Thank You very much and God loves us all..!

  13. Awesome Page and BIG THANKS for the big gifts. God Blessed !

  14. faboat72000@yahoo.com

    God bless Video Blocks for creating such a great site for sharing with all, particularly, the christian community. It’s really enhancing our video clips. Remain blessed.

  15. It’s a great site and it’s great when you can share with others especially in today’s world!

  16. LindseLiveChurch

    I used this site for the first time today and it was great! My backgrounds worked wonderfully and its so nice to be able to change things up at service without it coming out of pocket! We are a small church in downtown LA and media is so important. Thank you!!

  17. God Bless u all guys,,
    Let the Lord God be with u all

  18. Your resources have added a touch to our church services. God Bless You.

  19. Thankyou so much for this fantastic service and ministry. I am a missionary in Peru and I´m looking for some welcome backgrounds and “The service will begin in….” countdown timers with wording in Spanish for Easy Worship. Do you have any which you could put up for us please? Thankyou again!

  20. Thanks for sharing your resources!! God Bless your ministry!!

  21. Saya Dari Kota Manado, Indonesia Maaf Saya Tidak Bisa Bahasa Inggris saya hanya ingin mengucapkan Banyak Terimakasih bagi yang membuat video background ini pengelola situs ini beserta Keluarga Kesemuanya Saya ucapkan terimakasih Tuhan Yesus Memberkati
    Video-video yang saya download ini saya gunakan dalam presentasi ibadah di Gereja Saya. Terima Kasih

  22. God bless! amazing job on all motion backgrounds!

    David Cortez

  23. Thanks, God Bless

  24. Thank you FWB… It enhances our worship @ The Feast, the Light of Jesus Family here in the Phillipines..
    May God bless the people behind this site!

  25. Thank you so much for letting us do a free download. You are such a great blessing to our church. God bless!!!!

  26. I want to say “Thank You” because everything you share for us.. very helpful for me in worship services.. I hope can see more motion background on your website.. Thanks again and may God bless you..

  27. This what we call Blessing , lets preach the Gospel with songs and video , Thanks a lots may God bless

  28. Love this ! This is a blessing ! All loops will definitely be put to good use in our church !!!!! So glad I found this website !!

    God Bless,
    Lucindy/ New York

  29. Jah bless ya´ll guys ! ! !

  30. thanks ! God bless you more.. its really a big help in our church! :)) MAny thanks

  31. Many thanks for all your peoducts. very useful for our worship service. May God bless you all..

  32. Que buena Web… Muchas Gracias, nos facilitan mucho las cosas..!! buena calidad HD… impresionante

  33. Such an amazing work guyz,,, Thanks God for using you as an instrument in spreading the Good News…. God Bless!! :))

  34. Thx a lot!!!! :) May God bless you and your work!!!! :)


  36. My ministry would not be able to create so many awesome praise and worship videos without this wonderful services. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful videos. Please continue to add more.

  37. Hebrews 6 :10-

    “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them”

    Take great solace that all your labors and pains and time and effort that you guys give of yourselves is acknowledged by our Great Father. He will indeed reward you for you have helped His ppl worship him better in Spirit and Truth.. You works will be utilized by all nations throughout the four corners of the earth through Jesus..

    I cannot thank you enough for what you freely give of yourselves; So just imagine what the Father would say :D..

    Continue to serve Him, by serving His people.

    Blessings to ALL you guys who contribute the production of the media.

    Much love in Jesus’ name.

  38. Thanks again///good!

  39. God is with you thanks for your efforts


  41. Thank you so much for giving free worship backgrounds. Everything I am looking for is here . Thank you for giving us free :)) May God bless you more for doing such :)


  42. God bless you all for giving us opportunity using these beautiful loops at our church. I would like to see some loops in spanish if possible, it will be great for our spanish speaking congregations!!!

  43. This website really had what I was looking for all the other sites you only got a few free downloads and plus this one downloads it in the right format for our Easy Worship Software to run it. Thank you

  44. God bless you all this is amazing .

  45. Thank you for a great web site. This is a very useful asset to those of us in the media ministries at our churches. And thank you for making it free when so many others are profiting from the word many in our communities need to hear.
    God Bless You

  46. thanks :’)


    Jakarta, Indonesia

  47. AWESOME !!!
    I’m from Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

  48. Thank you for the free backgrounds! My Team runs the Media in our church and we greatly appreciate it! I wish you did have Spanish welcomes and such since we are an Hispanic church. Thanks again and God bless!
    – Centro Cristiano Nueva Vision ( New Vision )

  49. Thank you so much to the Worship Backgrounds.com team for making these beautiful digital media items available to us.

    We’re just starting a new English Language Seventh-Day Adventist church here in Panama (with currently 4 official members backed by several enthusastic helpers and visitors!), and these items will help our efforts enormously.

    God bless you, and thank you again.

    Boquete SDA Church
    Chiriqui, Panama

  50. I truly appreciate the options that worship background have available. I edit videos for a mix of clients… some with Christian roots like church groups and gospel singers… and I also have others like corporate businesses. I like that you can find a great variety here and it is available for FREE!! Very much appreciated! Thank you and God bless!

  51. Thank you so much for the free videos, they are awesome.


    Victoria, Australia

  52. Hi im Nick from Trinidad thanks for the worship media you helped me out a ton may god bless you

  53. Hello! I am from Philippines, thank you so much for the free motion backgrounds! I have been looking for free videos for so long! God bless you! :)

  54. Efraim_Karundeng

    Thanks a lot,
    Jesus Loves You All.

    I’m from Manado, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
    Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa (GMIM “Baitel” Kolongan)

  55. Thank you again. Wonderful backgrounds! God Bless!

  56. God Bless u guys! :)

  57. thank u guys for helping our church with this site god bless u

  58. It’s GREAT! Thank God for this helpful site!

  59. Thanks so much!!! The video loops really give a great affect for the worship service and look great. I love that they’re FREE!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks again and God bless you all.

  60. Thank you for providing such beautiful backgrounds.
    May God bless you abundantly, always!

  61. I utilized the backgrounds for the Easter service that our church had today. Everyone was really happy with the quality of the backgrounds. Thank you for this valuable resource.

  62. God bless for this work

  63. Thank you very much for the share! (Maraming salamat!) Really excellent and nice backgrounds! God Bless!
    From Montalban Fundamental Baptist Church, The Philippines.

  64. As one of the A/V techs at Thrive Church in Federal Heights Colorado, sometimes it’s hard to find free quality products. Worship Backgrounds is the place to go for motion backgrounds! Free! Quality! What else could you ask for? Nothing! Thanks a bunch!


  65. It is wonderful when Father gives you a surprise gift…a desire of your heart. Mine was to have motion on my desktop. However, Microsoft removed that function :(. But today I looked again, hoping and I found Dreamscene (for Windows 7). I was all set to settle for waterfalls and glowing lights, but I continued to search for WMV. video formats of Christian content. There you were (are). Christian content, high quality, and FREE.! Spinning cross is spinning right now on my desktop. It’ beautiful! So at this time your background(s) will add an atmosphere of worship on my computer, therefore I don’t have to wait for Sunday services to be reminded to worship Him who is worthy.
    Thank you for your willingness to give freely. May the Lord richly bless you for it. Resurrection Sunday is coming soon…looking for an empty tomb.

  66. Thanks! Best backgrounds!

  67. Thank you very much. God Bless !

  68. Outstanding free content – amazed that you make this available free – and grateful! Very creative and professional animations – keep up the good work.
    God bless

  69. Anurag Isaac Rout

    God Bless you all. Our chapel is utilizing your videos in all its services. Your efforts will be rewarded certainly. And boy, I am glad to get this for free cause my chapel is still not willing to invest in paid websites. Thank you guys.


  70. onewayoutreach_melmajorenos

    This is a God giving site for those who want a free video loop or background in there church..not like the other site that you have to pay before you can get it…..continue to share and GOD will shower his blessings..MORE POWER AND GOD BLESS….:)))))))

  71. The backgrounds are awesome. I am a Student Minister volunteer and use these every week. I love them. Thanks for posting. :)

  72. I run AV for my Church and with these video free, it’s totally worth signing up…Thanks for allowing myself and others to download these video for free. Your video and media are awesome. Once again thank you and God bless.

  73. Thank you all so much for sharing these backgrounds. Discovering this site has given me a new spark in enhancing our worship experience. I am newly inspired, and look forward to using these footages in our future worship presentations.

    THANK YOU! :)

  74. i love u guys, and God bless.

  75. Thank You Very Very Much!!! I Love All of the backgrounds on the Website!!!

  76. Thank You very much!!!

  77. Thank you very much. I didn’t expect to find generous people giving high quality videos for free + royalty free too. You are God send. This is the link of your videos that I used. Thanks a million.

  78. ”i just thanks God for ur labor and sacrifice to freely give this kind of staff”
    God will return it to you abundant blessing… thanks a lot..

  79. Thank You so much for this Ministry. I have used some of your loops to put a complete video together to Glorify our God. Please feel free to view it and perhaps even leave a comment.
    I would thoroughly recommend Worship Backgrounds to anyone who wants to share their God given talents online, and have proudly acknowledged your website on the video credits. Yours Thankfully Bret Ames of Blackhorse Road Baptist Church London E17.
    The Song: ‘Wait, I say, on The Lord’ (God is faithful) can be viewed at………

  80. Dios les bendiga! Gracias por el aporte!!

  81. God bless you! This is such a great site.. Please continue your ministry of giving free motion backgrounds.. We’re praying for you guys..

  82. I write religious and general prose and poetry both in english and spanish; Your free downloads are a true blessing for my presentations.
    God bless you and your staff for your generosity!!!

  83. U guys r a god send…thanks a billion! ^_^

  84. Our church wants to have good looking graphics and video resources, but with 100 people, we cannot afford to spend much on things like background videos. With our small staff, we don’t have time to make things like this ourselves either. It is awesome to have companies like this who put free resources out there that we can use at church.

  85. molto belli! grazie!

  86. Thank you very much uploader’s it really fantastic the loops are HD i enjoy it.

  87. I have just used three of these fantastic backgrounds on a video I filmed of school children enacting and singing a nativity in Norwich Cathedral. They really enhance and compliment a wonderful performancs.

  88. Very high quality, thanks for giving these for free

  89. Happy New Year.
    You work hard for others to be glad. You help people to meet up their challenges without suffering. You all are great people.
    It is a great service to mankind. Thanks very much.
    Read my wishes and prayer for you

    This is another new day, a new week, a new month and the year 2012.
    May all your visions, aspirations and target be met this year.
    May you become victorious over all your challenges in life.
    Those who fight against your progress shall never win.
    Those who pursue you for evil shall stumble and never overtake you.
    The almighty God shall ever remain your strength against all odds.
    I wish you well. Happy New Year

  90. The clips are great and the quality is good considering been free. They are a blessing to our church projects and to my family.

    Thanks and bless you

  91. Thank you very much………………………..

  92. I came across the site by accident after perusing the web to find something appropriate to make for my friend who lost her husband a few days ago after a 4 day illness (yes it’s true) and found the stained glass with the ethereal rays shining through, it is truly lovely and ethereal. I thank you so much for this, I am currently writing verse on it, and it is looking absolutely beautiful. FREE? Everytime I type free in the browser every site asks for my credit card. This site restores my faith in human nature. Thank you so very much and lotsa love from Australia.

  93. We have a church of only 115 people, so constantly paying for new material is simply not feasible with our budget. Because of sites like yours, I’m not limited in my abilities as a media volunteer, so thank you very much for all the hard work.

  94. These are truly beautiful worship backgrounds. They help set the atmosphere for praise. The visuals enhance the impact of the music. Your site is a highly recommended resource for worship ministers. Thank you for your labour of love. May you be richly blessed.

  95. It is very nice that you offer these backgrounds free. It was also a good idea to team up with FootageFirm.

  96. The_Jesus_Followa

    I really want to give a tip on the new videos. QUALITY makes quantity. Choose them more carefully. Of course I’m not complaining, since it’s free.

  97. I’m pretty sure you guys will get better with this site. This is a really good website. No virus or spyware and free.

  98. Gracias por compartir, esto es maravilloso para hacer vídeos de evangelización en nuestra iglesia,
    que Dios siga iluminando para que continúen creando mas maravillas de reflexión, Gracias a todos
    que Dios los bendiga.


  99. So grateful for this wonderful site! The resources have been a very welcome spice in our services. More power, & the Lord bless you always!

  100. Awesome to see our beautiful god God in us and around us. Thank you.

  101. Thank you for creating and sharing such powerful worship backgrounds. They have surely come to ignite the way in which I deliver my music.

    Thank you,

  102. Thanks so much for the help in Ministry. Small churches ans startups really can use the help. I love the backgrounds and media. Pastor John Pinole Valley Community Church

    • Awesome job, for FREE. It’s really empower my church, Baptist Church Manado, Indonesia. Very very very enjoying. Thanks anyway.
      Best Regards
      CS, Manado, Indonesia

      • Our Church has a media section. We make DVDs of services and more. Thanks for your motion backgrounds. It enhances our videos to something beautiful. Dutch Reform Church Miederpark Potchefstroom South Africa.

        Regards & God Bless
        David Naudé

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Want more Worship Backgrounds?
Get unlimited downloads from our library of over 115,000 AE templates, stock videos, backgrounds, special effects and more!
Try a seven day free trial at
Download Anything You Want
Complimentary access to download from our library of hundreds of thousands of After Effects Templates, motion backgrounds, stock footage clips, and more!